Monday, January 31, 2011

Silent Observations

*This week, I will be observing people instead of making comments. (Example: Just reading, not commenting. Just listening, not talking. Just watching, nothing else. I won't speak unless spoken to.) Thus, I will be recording what I find here, in this post, as I go along. I will mark the dates and also put into account peoples reactions to my silence. Thanks for reading.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Get Lost

Why would someone want to get lost?

Why would a person want to leave where they are, and go drive off somewhere away from everyone and every thing... To a place they don't recognize and don't know how to get back from on purpose?

In my perspective, maybe they want something different. Maybe they want an adventure, a change. They want to be somewhere new.

In other perspectives...

"They could just want to get away from people... Have some alone time."

"Dislike of society."

"To see if they can find their way out!"

Is my perspective changed?

Yes, I'd mix my perspective with the others ones. In other words, it's only grown.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Candle Flame

Why would someone, of decent age, want to touch the flame of a candle, already knowing of it's burn?

Everyone knows about it... The childhood 'don't touch the fire, it will hurt.' but no matter what, we always do, because we won't believe it until we do it. We're curious. But why would a person who has already experienced it want to do it again?

In my perspective, maybe they viewed it as another learning experience. Maybe they wanted a newer view on touching the flame than as they did as a child. A sort of metaphorical, more-so mature look on it.

In other perspectives...

"Because it's beautiful, and kinda cool."

"Well, for one thing, they could be masochists and enjoy pain, or, if it's a guy, they could just want to impress a girl. Orrrr... They could be... an adrenaline junkie and enjoy the thrill. ORRR..... They could be planning to do this major sketchy crime... like stealin' 50 g's from a bank... So they burn their fingertips off so they don't leave a trace... and henceforth... gain the status... OF NINJA! *wave hands in the air*"

''Cause the flame is worth getting burned for.''

Is my perspective changed?

It's only grown.